Beach in Calabria ItalyKakadu with RosesAmelieAnneSophieLPCLPC framed
Portrait of FatherOlive Trees after Vincent v GPanino at the BeachCin CinSukhumvit 2012MangoMango
The BridgeThe Painter's Breakunfinished Buddha at Golden Mountstillife with vase inspired by Chinese artistNumber INumber II
brothersStilllife Stuttgartpot with plants in South of Italy (piante grasse)Bird of ParadiseSchwaebische Alb im HerbstBaerensee im Winter

ART GALLERY, a set on Flickr - click on the pictures for details

Welcome to my ART GALLERY, and please have a closer look! Some are watercolour paintings, most are all oil on canvas. On my flickr set you will find more paintings and details.

Since 1985, when I just failed the admission to the art school "Kunstakademie Stutttgart", I thought it wouldn't happen, me, an artist, this life. However, almost three decades later, I am into it. Without academic background in arts. But with a lot of passion for art.

Beside photography, I have always loved painting.

Since I can hold a pencil I am drawing and painting. At the young age of six I copied my first van Gogh painting.

Over the years, I learned with different recognized artists in Germany (watercolour), China (ink wash) and Thailand (oil).

Since 2010, I am painting regularly by myself and with art groups in Bangkok. I prefer oil over acrylic.

I find inspiration in daily life, and photography. My favorite painters are post-impressionists, expressionists and modern artists for their bright colours, light, movement, and compositions.

On Palazzo Pizzo I started to file inspiring art here.

And why showing my paintings here on this blog?

When I started painting, I always painted something I wanted to have in my home. First in my parents home, later in my own home. When I started painting with an group of students in Bangkok, our teacher wanted to do an exhibition. That meant we would have to sell our paintings. I said, I can't sell mine. They are too much work and I would never get enough money for the hours, days and weeks I spent on painting them.

Then one day, I painted something just for fun. I found that screaming pink acrylic colour that I needed to buy. I used it for an underpainting. And then I searched for a subject that would be equally flashy. I remembered the cockatoo that I observed once in neighbours garden. And I liked the result a lot. But like always, I did not really believed in my capability (must be my German education). I thought, it was just lucky coincidence that my painting looks great. Then I said to myself, if I am an artist, I have to be able to reproduce the same painting. And when I reproduce, I will try to become faster. Only if I can finish a painting in, let's say two sessions, I will be willing to separate from it. And if I have two, at least I could sell one. I thought. Now, my son and husband say, the two cockatoos are brothers and cannot be separated... But I feel, I am ready now to produce for an exhibition. I feel freed.

I feel like I need to paint, I can't wait to get back to the brushes. That is the first time in my life, that I feel that strong about painting. And that's why, I am "opening" a gallery on Palazzo Pizzo. 

I hope you like what you see. Enjoy browsing and thanks for visiting.