Windows with a View

A home pleases me when it has a view! It is important that a house or apartment looks appealing from outside. First impression is important. So is the entrance. But I realized, what I like most, is the view from inside out of a home. It doesn't have to be Manhattan's skyline, or the Tour Eiffel. It could be the neighbour's lush green gardens and some old tree. And of course, sea view is one of the best views!

When inside, the window is our connection to the outside world.

Henri Matisse, the impressionist, painted lots of interiors. Very often there is a window with a view in his paintings. Recently, I came across Pierre Bonnard, a post-impressionist painter. When I researched his paintings (thanks to google images) I realized he must have known Matisse. He painted similar windows with a view! And indeed they were friends, they were even part of the same group (Les Nabis) and inspired each other.

Artists have always been inspired by windows with a view:

Pierre Bonnard 1919

Henri Matisse 1918

Henri Matisse 1919

Raoul Dufy 1928

Pablo Picasso 1957


Pierre Bonnard 1921

David Hockney 1970
"Window, Grand Hotel, Vittel", lithograph

David Hockney 2010

And last but not least:

Palazzo Pizzo with new shades, summer 2012