Accommodation at Palazzo Pizzo Guest Residence

Are you planning a holiday in Calabria ? Want to spend some days in Pizzo ? Or just a stop-over in our lovely village and trying the famous tartuffo before heading to Sicily or Aeolie Islands ?

We decided we want to open our house for guests.
From July 12 to August 21, 2013 we offer a special Summer Promotion: 
No minimum stay !

No minimum stay allows you to enjoy Palazzo Pizzo Residence while still having time to explore more of Calabria and the attactive neigbouring regions of Italy.
During our soft opening we want to personally take care of our guests.
We love to see you!
Please contact us at for availability check


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Please find photos of the Palazzo Pizzo Guest Residence on Flickr
For more information visit our new  Guest Residence Page