Pizzo from Above

photo via Pizzo e ditorni
When the weather is nice, there are sometimes ultralight aircrafts - you know, the one with the noisy lawn mower engine - flying above Pizzo. And they take sometimes really nice photos, like the one I found on Facebook via Pizzo e ditorni.
It shows also the situation of the lungomare project (I call it the harbour project on this blog). Planned in 2008, not even half accomplished in 2013.... There is no progress since about two years.
Below, I added in light blue the missing extension for the harbour (see original plan). It is all still dusty dirt area. However, I heard the new major wants to continue, he is just reviewing the project (since over a year, he is elected). Probably the funds are not there anymore....
missing harbour excavation in light blue (June 2013)
But let's see another dusty project finish first - the restoring of the street pavement in the centro storico.