Summer in Pizzo

June and July are the perfect summer months to stay in Pizzo. It is warm but not too hot. The Pizzitani are full of energy and there are not too many tourists around yet. In the evenings though, it can get a bit chilly in piazza. I haven't been sick in years, but caught a rafreddore just now. Bummer... however, the healthy air and sunshine are curing me well. And I am doing fine enough to update our facebook page at with photos and news from Pizzo.

We had a lovely couple from Finland staying with us in the residence and a surprise visitor yesterday. Maria rang the bell and introduced herself. She lived in some rooms in the primo piano over 60 year ago! It was interesting to hear her stories and a pleasure to show her the house.

Soon, I will also post some photos here - subject "street photography" or "alley photography". I am announcing it, otherwise it might get forgotten with all the things that are happening when you are on holiday in your own house and not in a hotel ;-) Until soon... x s