Happy Anniversary to an exciting and fun first year of holiday Rental!

We are celebrating our first year of Holiday Rental adventure !

We started last year on August 15th 2013, at the peak of the peak season of the Italian summer, Ferragosto! Our first guests were a lovely young couple from Trani staying with us from 15th - 18th August - and now we will host again an Italian couple from Milano on Ferragosto!

It was a year of exciting and fun experiences! Initially, I thought we will only rent our residence while I am on site in Pizzo. But then after our first lovely guests, and their overwhelming great review, I got an inquiry from an English couple who wanted to rent the apartment for two weeks last September. Since my parents-in-law were staying in Calabria until October, and were willing to help out, we gave it a try. It worked out so well, they even went on a trip to Tropea together.

Over time, I think, I hope - we improved the service, amenities and decoration. We now have bedside tables, bedside lamps, a large mirror inside the wardrobe, a giant toaster - toasting uneven shaped bread slices ;-), a garden bench, new deck chairs, and more art work from local artists.

We had quiet some international guests from different countries to greet in our first year! In alphabetical order their home countries are America, Danmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Russia.

This is the perfect moment to say thank you to all our lovely guests, who decided to spend their holiday in bella Calabria, who chose Pizzo above other destinations, who trusted us, stood with us, treated our home like their home! And many special thanks to those of you who also took their time to write a helpful review, connected with us on social media, and already plan to come back to Pizzo! Thank you! Grazie! Danke! Tak! спаси́бо!

I would like to further take the opportunity to thank also the team behind Palazzo Pizzo Residence, especially Angelo and Tonino! Without their support this project would not be possible.

In case you have a spare room or apartment, I only can recommend to try the Holiday Rental adventure. I promise, you will meet interesting people and even make some new friends!

When you have read until here and are planning a holiday between Amalfi and Sicily, and want to discover Calabria, and maybe stay in Pizzo, check us out on tripadvisor.

To more exciting years to come! 
Buon Ferragosto a tutti!
A presto,