25 May, 2018 it's GDPR Day

Isn't it amazing how many newsletters we have received these days? Some apparently were just sent out to be sent out before May 25 because after May 25 it would have been illegal as it would be breaking the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that comes into effect in Europe today on May 25, 2018 and could end up with very high fines...  

I was surprised myself how many companies still have my email address and name stored! And how dilettantish most of the mails were. In some cases I had to actively send them an email to ask to unsubscribe from a newsletter or to delete my data. From what I have researched in the net, and thanks to Mailchimp's support (my newsletter service provider), it is the other way round. Someone has to actively opt in to receive your newsletter, even though they have subscribed themselves earlier. If someone does not reply to your new request, although she or he has subscribed to your newsletter before, you should not continue sending her or him anything by law from tomorrow onwards. Maintaining silence is not accepted as consent.  

That's why I sent to all my 'subscribers' - yes, I admit, in the past I have added each inquirers' and guests' email address I could get to my mailing list (with and without explicit consent) - an "We would love to stay in touch with you" email yesterday, which said: 

We would love to stay in touch with you! And we hope you like that too.  Don’t let us get separated by the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that comes into effect May 25, 2018 in Europe. To help us comply with GDPR consent requirements, we need your confirmation that you like to continue receiving content - newsletters with special offers and travel info for Calabria, Italy - from us
— from our almost illegal newsletter
Don't let us get separated by a new privacy regulation

Don't let us get separated by a new privacy regulation

Yes, it is true: I hope that you like to stay in touch with us! And that "If YES, we need your explicit OK!"

There was a super big green button for those opting in. - But I am fair and added also a big red button to opt out and say CIAO!

Our door is always open for you and when you change your mind and want to sign up again to receive emails from us, you will find a link. See below at the very buttom or on the right blog roll, or just click here :-) 

Also, we even now have a privacy policy on our website! Here you can read what kind of data we are collecting from you (or rather not) and what we are doing with them (or rather not). And this, I did today. I am quite proud of myself how Palazzo Pizzo now complies with GDPR totally (I hope) and on time!

I have to thank all the handymen and workers in my house who made it impossible to leave the house the last two days... haha, without them I wouldn't have made it and still hyperact dilettantishly today on May 25, 2018.

And if there are any complaints (or suggestions) regarding GDPR or your processed private data please contact me or comment below. And if you do not like your comment in the future, let us know, we are happy to delete it as I have deleted manually all unsubscribed email addresses from the unsubscriber list on Mailchimp.

Especially, I would like to thank all the very friendly subscribers who took their time to re-subscribe again! We are looking forward writing to you again soon!

Many thanks! Vielen Dank! Mille Grazie! We love to stay in touch !

A newsletter is out

Have you signed up for our newsletter yet? If you have, you will know how often I manage to send newsletters... the last one was in December 2016, now it's January 2018. Still time to wish you a happy and healthy new year 2018! And hopefully last year was a good one too.

How about a summer break in Southern Italy?

Pizzo mosaic for newsletter 01 2018.JPG

The newsletter goes: 

"July and August are getting booked fast! As a special opportunity to our previous guests and friends we have temporarily blocked for reservations some of our exclusive apartments in these two summer months. The romantique Palazzo Pizzo Residence, the beautiful Dependance Delle Grazie and the popular Studio Bellavistaare located in the historic center of the charming fishermen's village and home of the tartufo ice-cream, Pizzo Calabro (VV). Pizzo is one of the most beautiful spots on the Mediterranean coast between Amalfi and Sicily. We will open our calendar to the public in February. You can then still book directly with us or find us on Airbnb, Homeaway (fewo, abritel, vrbo) or Tripadvisor (Holidaylettings)."

One friend unsubscribed as she thought she got another spam mail... but I also got some nice feedback after having sent out the letter last night. My father called on skype. He thought we have difficulties in getting enough bookings. He said it sounded like that.

Luckily we do have already bookings. Many people book during the winter break, and now in January. What I wanted to avoid are these early bookers, who book like 18 months ahead for 3 nights in August. When my team and I are on holiday ourselves, we don't want too much hassle. And I also need some flexible space just in case friends show up short notice.

That's why I thought last year that summer 2018 will be different. Therefore, I blocked the Residence and the Dependance. The Studio I forgot to block on one booking platform and before I realized, there were only 2 weeks left.

It looks like a good year ahead for Pizzo and the Pizzitani who are into tourism.  

If you have not yet subscribed to our newsletter, you can do it here. I can't say when the next letter comes, but it will be special again. If you want to hear more often from us or what's happening in Pizzo, follow us on Facebook where I post more often. And if you do plan a summer break in Southern Italy, consider to book early. Contact us!

Stay in touch, saluti cordiali



Palazzo Pizzo Newsletter December 2016

Hello dear Readers of the Blog,

I am very excited to share the link to my latest Newsletter! It is the 3rd (ever) and the 2nd this year. If you have not subscribed yet, subscribe today! - The next newsletter is planned for Spring 2017.

We wanted to announce, that we are opening our entire house, Palazzo Pizzo in Pizzo Calabro, for guests in summer 2017. If you are interested in renting our house with your family and friends, please send your enquiry to susan@palazzopizzo.com.  

In case you plan a Christmas Shopping trip to Venice or Padua, please do not miss the deal for my newsletter subscribers for a new rental near Venice! It is my Italian cousin Fiorella's father-in-law's former house that she renovated and decorated with Italian detailed design and style. You find the code for the discount and her email address in the latest Newsletter.

Enjoy browsing,



Palazzo Pizzo Main House

Palazzo Pizzo Main House